Just You Launches in Canada


At the Canadian launch event last night (Nov. 10) for Just You, The Single Traveller Specialist, group sales manager Colin Wilson was quick to dispel any misconceived notions about what the company isn’t.

“It’s absolutely not a dating agency,” says Wilson, who was in Toronto for the launch from HQ in Leicestershire, UK. “A lot of people ask that, it’s a natural assumption to make. It’s not about that and I think our customers would run a mile if they thought it was.”

Rather, Just You, part of the All Leisure Holidays Group, is a UK-based tour operator focused on solo travel with no single supplements. After a decade of operation, the company is now seeking Canadian travellers to join its tours.

“It’s our first foray outside of the UK market,” Wilson told PressToday. “There’s several main reasons for it. Number one, we know that Canadians like escorted holidays, it’s a good way to see the world. Secondly, there’s nothing else really like it in the marketplace over here and I think everybody recognizes the growth of the single market.”

The Canadian brochure features prices in CAD and a broad range of products from city breaks to river cruises. Travel agents will be earning a 10% commission.

“We launched the brochure as tour only so there’s no airfares included to the destinations and the reason for that was because we thought that people would be packaging stuff over and above the tour,” he says. “It gives the travel agent the flexibility to take for example something like a seven night tour to Italy with us and then build other stuff around it and present something completely unique to their customer base as well.”

Pictured at Sassafraz restaurant are Joanne Lundy and Judi Pym of Discover the World, Canadian reps for Just You/All Leisure Holidays, and Wilson.

Stay tuned for more information in an upcoming edition of Canadian Travel Press.