Karisma Takes The Initiative

Karisma Hotels & Resorts will eliminate the production and distribution of plastic straws across all of its properties. The ban on plastic straws is the latest effort within Karisma Hotels & Resorts’ overall commitment to the environment.

In 2013, Karisma created the Passion for Sustainability Program, which includes initiatives promoting conscious tourism, preserving ecosystems, protecting wild and endangered species, and responsibly using natural resources.

As part of its most recent sustainability initiative, Karisma Hotels & Resorts will only offer straws to guests upon request in an effort to eliminate single-use plastic products and the detrimental effect they have on the ecosystem.

And as of Sept. 2018, Karisma will completely replace all plastic straws with straws made of biodegradable materials, while still maintaining the standard of only offering straws for frozen beverages or upon request.

Lyn Santos Rodriguez, Karisma’s director of sustainability, said: “The elimination of plastic straws across all of our resorts is the latest initiative in Karisma Hotels & Resorts’ long-standing commitment to social responsibility and building an environmentally-friendly culture among our resorts, partners and guests. We continuously strive to reduce our eco-footprint and preserve the incredible natural beauty of our destinations, while maintaining the highest level of hospitality and offering memorable vacation experiences to all our guests for years to come.”

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