Kayak Data Shows Canada Searches Spiking

KAYAK has released new data revealing Canada to be a beloved travel destination for international travellers, given recent news around testing requirement changes.

In fact, travel searches to Canada spiked 57% between Feb. 15 and Feb. 22 for future travel indicating eased testing requirements are luring international travellers to the Great White North, the first chance they can get.

Data from KAYAK shows spikes in searches over the past week from international travellers, with the top cities planning to visit Canada including Washington (204%), Munich (43%), San Diego (42%), Amsterdam (41%) and Hamburg (40%). After over two years of travel restrictions, residents in the U.S. and Germany are the most eager to experience Canada.

Matt Clarke, VP of Marketing at KAYAK, observed that: “The search increases we’re seeing indicates pent up demand for Canadian tourism and illustrate the impact entry restrictions have on inbound travel. We’ve consistently seen that as travel restrictions ease, travel demand follows and we expect to see this continue through summer.”

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