Keeping The Travel Dream Alive

The reality is that many agents aren’t booking a lot of travel these days. Instead of a hard sell, consultants are finding creative ways to stay engaged and build relationships with their travel community.

In a world turned upside down by the pandemic, Matt Berna, Intrepid Travel’s Managing Director in North America; Janet Bava, Chief Marketing Officer for AmaWaterways, and travel advisors Rhonda Dashevsky and Kathryn Comeau-Wong share some thoughts and advice on how to stay top of mind in anticipation of the inevitable rebound.

At a time when the future is murky, travel specialists Rhonda Dashevsky and Kathryn Comeau-Wong have a game plan.

The travel advisors with Personal Travel Management have developed Trips to Tales, a board game that ensures clients will keep dreaming about travel even while they are staying close to home.

“The purpose of the game is for people to compete with friends and family in a hilarious game of stories from past travels, dreams of future travels and challenges from around the world,” Dashevsky tells Travel Courier. “People will be taken around the world to relive their previous travel adventures and follies, dream about where they would like to travel to next, as well as participate in challenges from around the world. Bottom line is that we wanted people to continue to dream.”

After realizing that the pandemic would be around for awhile, the colleagues brainstormed ideas back in May to come up with ways to keep people engaged in the love of travel.

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