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The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia has become known as one of the best tourism destinations in Western Canada. Its largest city, Kelowna, has become the centre for so many of the attractions in the area.
It has over 30 wineries and some of the best golf tracks in the country. It is the home of Canada’s annual culinary championships and has become its own gastronomic centre, where chefs choose to go to practice their craft in one of the most scenic environments in Canada.
It offers spectacular sunsets, beautiful beaches and boating, and farm to table options to satisfy most discriminating tastes.
In this issue of Canadian Travel Press, Voices of Travel host, Ron Pradinuk explores Kelowna and its many, many attractions.
He will introduce listeners to award winning wineries and some amazing on-the-water hotel properties. By the end of the show, listeners will readily understand why Kelowna has become a place people want to live, and the many reasons it has become a prime Canadian tourist destination.