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Kensington Tours Celebrates Banner Start to 2023

With luxury travel continuing to surge, Kensington Tours is reporting that it shattered pre-pandemic sales figures with record breaking results for the first two months of 2023.

In January 2023, results were 50% higher as compared to the same period in January 2020 and were double from what they were in January 2019.

For February, sales were also double from those in February 2020 and 85% higher than in February 2019.

The results also reflect a trend for more personalized and customized experiences as well as the shift towards longer stays and willingness to increase spend for higher end tailor-made itineraries.

The destinations leading this growth include Europe, where Italy, France, Greece, Spain, England, Scotland and Ireland were in greatest demand.

Since the ban on international arrivals was lifted in October 2022, Japan has seen significant demand, as well as other destinations that were among the last to ease travel requirements and re-open to international travellers, including Australia and New Zealand.

Egypt, which was one of Kensington Tours’ picks for hot destinations in 2023 is among the destinations contributing to the strong sales performance, as well as other parts of the Middle East and Africa – namely Israel and South Africa.

Helen Giontsis, President of Kensington Tours, said: “It is truly gratifying to see that our commitment to providing travellers with tailor-made, personalized trips to destinations around the world is unmatched in the luxury travel space.”

Giontsis continued: “It is also a testament to our product team and Destination Experts who have worked so hard to ensure that we have the best partners and suppliers in the luxury travel space with the best private guides, top luxury hotels, private villas, and unique experiences with exclusive insider access. We are also grateful to our partners in the travel advisor community who entrust us to provide memorable, customize trips for their clients.”

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