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Kenya launches new specialist program

The Kenya Tourist Board has launched the Jambo Kenya Specialist program, a newly improved training program for Canadian travel agents. The new course features a number of new enhancements, including quarterly trade updates, booking tracking, rewards and incentives for graduates. Jamboömeans welcome or hello in Swahili. The Jambo Kenya Specialist Program has been approved by CITC through the Provider of Quality Education (PQE) program and consists of five informative lessons designed to provide agents with the essential knowledge of Kenya, as well as offering them the inside scoop on the destination’s most popular attractions, activities, and cultural offerings. Agents will also learn about off-the-beaten-track wonders and some of the lesser-known facets of the country, enabling them to effectively match client’s specific interests and needs. Course benefits include, destination updates and sales tools from the Kenya Tourist Board, exclusive familiarization trip opportunities, and eligibility to receive a Master Specialist certification and consumer leads. Susan Webb, Canadian representative of the Kenya Tourist Board, said, “Taking this course is the first step to better understanding the many product offerings of this amazing destination, the Kenya Tourist Board is dedicated to providing agents with the necessary tools and the knowledge to sell Magical Kenya as the ultimate vacation getaway.” Existing KATS agents and Master KATS can register for the new course at http://www.tauniv.com . With the implementation of this new program, in order to be considered a “Kenya Specialist” and to have access to related privileges, all agents must complete this new course, including the final exam. For those who have already achieved Specialist status with the prior KATS program, completing the new course will be a quick and seamless process. Agents who have attended an educational trip to Kenya in the past five years will also be eligible to apply for Master Specialist status. All eligible agents must complete the new course and an application in order to achieve Master Specialist status within the new program. Application forms are available for download within the final pages of course at http://www.tauniv.com . Agents can contact Kenya@voxtm.ca for more information on the JAMBO program. For more information on Kenya, go to http://www.magicalkenya.com .

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