Third episode of Baxter Media’s AI insights for travel pros coming March 5

As the travel industry adapts to the sweeping changes brought by Artificial Intelligence, Canadian Travel Press is on the front lines of this unprecedented shift to interview top experts in the field. 

Already our AI Insights: Conversations with the Experts live interview series is on to its third installment, bringing you an essential conversation with Flight Centre Travel Group’s Head of AI for Corporate, Adrian Lopez. 

“The vision is this: make AI more human and make humans more AI-friendly,” said Lopez, in a cover story for Canadian Travel Press, February 5 issue

In his exclusive interview with Executive Editor, Bob Mowat, Lopez debuted Flight Centre Travel Group’s latest AI initiative, the AI Center of Excellence. 

“Essentially, the Center of Excellence is a team inside Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) that is focused on promoting AI initiatives and helping other teams.” Lopez continued, “It’s like being an AI ambassador; we’re the group teaching others and helping them prototype.”

It’s this kind of groundbreaking project that made Lopez a prime candidate for an in-depth live discussion to dig deeper into the empowering benefits of A.I. and how it improves customer experience, employee productivity, and more.

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This 30-minute live conversation between Mowat and Lopez takes place on Tuesday, March 5 at 1:00 p.m. ESTTo register for the webcast, click here.

The travel industry is poised to embrace yet another market-defining technology. Now, more than ever, travel professionals are either left scratching their heads or jumping into the future with both feet. 

The AI Insights series is our encouragement to embrace the latter—a future where technology allows travel professionals to offer top-notch service to customers, expands our problem solving, and builds efficiency through automation. 

Catch up on parts 1 and 2 of AI Insights

In the first installment from September 2023, Euromonitor International’s Caroline Bremner discussed how to embrace the digital disruption and presented key findings from their research on the increased use of AI in travel. 

SAP Concur’s Brian Hace, in the second installment of the series, gave an inspiring reminder that AI is “an accelerator… something that allows us to bring value faster to our clients.” Hace pulled back the curtain to reveal real-world case studies and creative applications for AI. 

To catch up on the series before the third installment drops on March 5, you can watch the highlights from the first two conversations in this 20-minute video: 

These resources don’t cost you a cent and aim to bring you the cutting edge information you need to embrace the future of travel, one where AI is a primary player in your success. 

Lopez summed it up perfectly in his interview with CTP: “I don’t think there’s a winner and loser in human versus AI. But I think there may be one between humans who don’t use AI and humans who do.”