Kissimmee is ready for the future

The tourism sales and marketing arm of Osceola County, Florida, has re-branded itself to better align with the destination’s strategic goals and to reach the new generation of travellers. The county tourism promotional agency’s new name, “Experience Kissimmee,” is a call to action to travellers planning to visit Central Florida, said Experience Kissimmee executive director, Shelley Maccini. “Today’s traveller doesn’t simply want to stay in a destination. They want to experience a destination,” Maccini said.”Our mix of attractions and accommodations, proximity to the theme parks, natural attractions and smaller entertainment offerings are perfectly suited to giving visitors the involvement and exploration they want in a vacation destination.” The re-branding is expected to connect with the consumer on a personal level and help communicate the uniqueness of Kissimmee to current and future generations, setting up the destination for the years to come. Research suggests that when it comes to travel, decision makers range in age from mid-20s to 40s and tend to look for destinations that offer more options and a variety of experiences. The new name also comes with a new logo and branding campaign with a fresh and modern look that will be executed domestically and internationally. The roll-out will take place this month (December 2012) and continue into 2013, touching all markets including domestic leisure, sports, meetings and international.