KLM’s new brand platform wants you to Travel Well

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is launching its new brand platform Travel Well to promote and encourage meaningful travel to its 30.3 million passengers flying each year.

With travel expected to be at historic levels this summer, KLM is launching Travel Well to share the belief that travel is more than transportation. It is about making meaningful connections along the journey and that destinations are not just dots on a map to be collected. According to the global survey, Americans share this overall sentiment already but differ in other ways.

As part of its new platform, KLM tapped into the mindsets of 8,000 travellers across the globe in key markets including US, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, The UK, Denmark, and China to determine what their travel priorities are and to gain insights into shifts in various attitudes and their take on what meaningful travel means to them.

Barry ter Voert, CXO & EVP Business Development at KLM, observed that: “Traveling not only helps us reach new places, but also introduces us to unique experiences, leading to greater inspiration and understanding. This, I believe, is one of the most wonderful aspects of travel. Each journey offers a chance not just to unwind, but also to reflect and gain richness from the diverse encounters we have.”

And he continued: “It’s about valuing meaningful connections with destinations, people, and experiences. Quality, not quantity, defines each journey, where you consistently come back to KLM’s personal and hospitable atmosphere.”

Key findings include:

  • 59% of American travellers feel their travel has become more meaningful after COVID-19 (top 3 of all surveyed countries)
  • 79% of US travellers prioritize making meaningful connections with people and places over simply visiting many destinations
  • 83% of US travellers express a desire for more meaningful experiences on their next trip, rising to 70% among Gen Z.
  • GenZ and Millennials prefer travel with family and friends (vs alone) and participate in activities that stimulate personal growth
  • 58% of GenZ and Millennials respondents said meaningful travel is associated with more authentic interactions with locals, which makes a trip more memorable
  • At the same time, 39% of Gen Z are worried that technology (too much time on your phone) will make your trip less meaningful
  • According to US travellers, they agree meaningful travel is all about connecting with your travel companion(s), exploring local food and creators and enjoying spontaneity; however, Americans seem less interested in experiencing different cultures.

Travel Well will feature branded content partnerships and collaborations with creators and key opinion leaders, alongside a comprehensive global research study. KLM has also introduced a new logo that includes KLM Travel Well as a slogan.