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Korea welcomes 11 million in 2012

Tourism to Korea continues to rise, including arrivals from Canada. Tourist arrivals in 2012 reached a 13.7 % year-over-year increase, with total arrival numbers to Korea reaching more than 11.1 million. Arrival numbers from Canada increased 5.1%. According to NJ Park, director for Korea Tourism, these 128,000 Canadians are visiting Korea for a variety of reasons. “Canadians continue to pick Korea as not only a top stopover destination in Asia, but also for its unique culture, cuisine and history. Easy transfers to many of Asia’s top destinations, a 5,000-year history, as well as transit tours, have been key in our increasing numbers. 2012 proved to be a wonderful year for Canadian arrivals to Korea with the Yeosu World Expo. Also, with some of the world’s top companies being Korean, Canadians are looking to Korea more and more to see what else the country has to offer.”Park describes Canada as a very important market for Korea, being one of its top long-haul destinations. Canada has become even more significant in 2013 as the two countries not only celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations, but also 60 years since the signing of the armistice agreement between North and South Korea.

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