Le Boat: Open For Business, Ready For Fun

Ask Lisa McLean, national marketing manager, USA, Canada & South America for Le Boat, how things are going and she’ll tell you that the landscape of Ontario’s tourism industry has certainly changed since March 15, 2020.

She points out that due to COVID-19, global travel restrictions and the delayed season opening of the Rideau Canal, Le Boat initially lost 80% of bookings for the 2020 season and all its USA and European customers.

As a result, McLean said that in the past months, Le Boat has had to re-think its business and marketing strategy and re-sell its product domestically.

“To ensure the safety of our customers and staff,” McLean explained, “Le Boat launched a new COVID Safety Charter that includes new cleaning protocols, social distancing and other measures as per Ontario’s new Health and Safety Guidelines for re-opening.”

And as of today, McLean says: “LeBoat has managed to rebuild to close to 70% occupancy for the season.”

In fact, in the last four weeks, LeBoat has grown sales by 243% versus the same time last year and it is striving to achieve 80% occupancy (or more) before the close of the season on Oct. 14, with McLean making it clear that the company couldn’t have done this without the support of Canadian travel agents.

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