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Learn More, Sell More With MSC Academy

Graduating Agents Receive Numerous Incentives, Bonuses

MSC Cruises is inviting agents to become a little more cruise savvy with the launch of MSC Academy, its new travel agent learning program on the premier e-learning platform, Travel Agent University (TAU).

Designed to help agents learn about MSC Cruises – and more importantly how to sell MSC Cruises to their clients – MSC Academy consists of multiple courses, quizzes and checkpoints detailing MSC Cruises’ history, fleet and onboard experiences.

“As MSC Cruises strategically expands its presence in North America, our goal is to work with every travel agent in the region for our mutual success,” said Roberto Fusaro, president of MSC Cruises USA. “MSC Academy will allow us to educate all travel agents on our product and teach them how to effectively sell us, while also demonstrating how travel agents who do business with us can significantly increase their earning potential.”

MSC Cruises is on pace to expand more than ever before with an approximately $10 billion investment plan in place, which includes up to 11 new next-generation smart ships coming into service between 2017 and 2026. The North American market will benefit tremendously from the expansion, with MSC Seaside coming into service in December, and MSC Meraviglia joining the North American fleet in the winter of 2019.

Upon logging into the TAU learning management system at www.mscacademy.com, agents will be guided through a specially curated, comprehensive program discussing MSC Cruises’ fleet, brand history, sailing destinations, the MSC Voyagers Club, onboard experiences and more.

MSC Academy is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through TAU. And, to kick off MSC Academy, any agent who registers for the new course by May 31 will be entered to win a seven-night Caribbean cruise.

Upon completion of MSC Academy, agents will gain exclusive access to MSC Cruises’ travel agent rates and opportunities to participate in seminars at sea. Agents will also receive a complimentary MSC Cruises baseball cap, cell phone business card holder and current, full colour travel agent brochure for their use. In addition, agents who complete the course prior to the MSC Seaside christening will be invited to a one-night inaugural celebration event aboard the new ship from Dec. 22-23, subject to availability.

As an added incentive for the trade community, MSC Cruises will also offer the following booking bonuses upon completion of the course: $50 bonus commission on first new FIT booking; $100 bonus commission on first new FIT MSC Yacht Club booking; Double MSC Rewards points for all new FIT bookings through the end of 2017.


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