Let’s Change The World

The hardest step can be as simple as just getting started

“While the tourism industry has seen some recovery in 2022, the impact of the past three years continues to leave its mark. Beyond the pandemic, climate change has added insult to injury, affecting many tourism businesses and destinations as they grapple with fires, floods, droughts and hurricanes,” writes Angela Nagy, President & CEO of GreenStep Solutions Inc./EcoBase Carbon Software

Nagy continues: “To top it off, the industry now faces a new set of challenges that exacerbate these impacts; a lack of capital to invest in rebuilding, coupled with rapidly rising interest rates; serious labour shortages and difficulty attracting and retaining key positions; and rising costs due to supply chain issues and inflation, which are making everything more expensive, including labour.”

And GreenStep Solutions boss adds: “Of course, we would all like to do our part in making the world a better place, but as the industry works to stay on top of all of these issues, some might ask if now is really the right time to throw a complex challenge like sustainability into the mix. After all, aren’t we dealing with enough already?”

For the answer to that question check out Canadian Travel Press’ 2023 Forecast by clicking here.



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