Let’s Look Into The Crystal Ball

This week, Travel Courier caught up with a panel of industry experts to get a sense of what the future holds for travellers and the trade.

Topping the list is the fact that travel advisors will be key in the unfolding future that awaits the industry.

The value of using a travel advisor has been in the spotlight since the pandemic first hit. As travel resumes, consumers will turn to travel professionals for security, expert advice and up-to-date knowledge.

“Advisors are needed more now than ever, and this is great news for the travel agent community,” Caroline Hay, National Director of Sales and Marketing for TPI, tells Travel Courier. “Advisors are here to help navigate their clients through the trip planning process as well as the new protocols and travel restrictions. We’re seeing more advisors set up a service fee program to ensure that they are paid for their knowledge and expertise. We’re also seeing many new clients that previously booked their own travel turning to a professional to assist them.”

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