LH Committed To Connecting Agents To The Future

Canada, travel agents and a whole lot more were topics of the first of a two-part conversation when Canadian Travel Press sat down with the Lufthansa Group’s senior vice-president sales for Lufthansa Hub Airlines and chief commercial officer (CCO) Hub Frankfurt, Heike Birlenbach.

“The Canadian market belongs to one of the big markets for the Lufthansa Group,” Heike Birlenbach was quick to point out during the first of a two-part interview with Canadian Travel Press.

“It is very important and we are very happy that we have a long-lasting partnership here in Canada with Air Canada,” she noted.

Jointly, with Air Canada and United Airlines, Birlenbach told CTP: “We have about 30% market share across the Atlantic and we’re getting even closer together now. We are now thinking about the next steps within this partnership. How do we make sure that we have an even better aligned offer for the customer.”

As for competition in Canada, she said: “We are always on our toes and in terms of what’s going on and the competition and especially here in Canada, we have witnessed quite some competition, also in the past years, also on low cost, long haul carriers and I believe together with Air Canada we had quite a good response to competition.”

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