Libbie Rice Leaving Ensemble Travel Group

Ensemble Travel Group has announced that Libbie Rice has decided to leave the business with her last day being Sept. 10.

Rice has been with the leading travel consortia since January 2011 serving as a co-president (along with Lindsay Pearlman) until June when she became president.

“On behalf of the entire team at Ensemble, we thank Libbie for her nearly nine years of service and leadership and wish her the very best in the next chapter,” said David Harris, CEO of Ensemble Travel Group. “We are truly appreciative of Libbie’s dedication to Ensemble and know that the passion for travel that she brought to our business will also serve her well in the future.”

“While the decision to leave Ensemble was definitely a difficult one for me to make, I feel confident that I am leaving the company at a good time,” Rice said. “There have been four years of growth and now, our new CEO is in place to lead the company into the next decade.”

Rice will be working closely with the Ensemble management to ensure a seamless transition.

Pictured are Rice (l) and Pearlman.