Travel Edge Network picks a winner in ‘Big Ticket’ contest

Travel Edge Network has announced the winner of its ‘Big Ticket’ campaign to identify, inspire and train new travel advisors.

Jonathan Lim of Alpharetta, Georgia was selected following a social media campaign designed to showcase the myriad of benefits and opportunities for careers as a travel advisor.

The ‘Big Ticket’ contest, featured across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, TikTok, and YouTube, attracted a diverse audience passionate about travel with the opportunity to kickstart their careers as travel professionals.

To enter the contest, participants were required to upload a 60-second video sharing a memorable travel experience and outlining their reasons for aspiring to become a Travel Edge Network advisor. From nearly 300 videos that were submitted, Travel Edge narrowed the list down to three finalists who were then invited to participate in a 30-minute interview.

The response to the campaign underscores the growing interest in pursuing careers as travel advisors at a time when demand for travel remains high.  As the winner of the ‘Big Ticket,’ Lim will have the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in travel planning through extensive mentoring and training.  He will also serve as a brand ambassador, producing compelling content to showcase the perks and rewards of being part of Travel Edge Network.

The contest not only served as a platform to identify and support aspiring travel professionals but also to inspire and educate the next generation. Responding to the demand for more travel advisors, Travel Edge Network recently introduced two programs for travel professionals based on their experience and interest level.  Venture is designed for entry-level advisors seeking to join an elite community of travel professionals, and Venture+ caters to more established individuals who are looking to take their career to the next level with enhanced training and mentoring opportunities.

Andrew Pilkington, President of Travel Edge, said: “It was so gratifying to see the response to this campaign and the interest from people with such diverse backgrounds who want to consider a career in travel.”

Said Pilkington: “Ultimately, we thought Jonathan best represented the characteristics for a great travel advisor; someone who is passionate about travel as evidenced by his love for photography and ability to create insightful content for his followers. That kind of personal experience and knowledge are the hallmarks of a successful travel professional, and we are excited to help launch Jonathan’s career.”

As for Lim, he said: “I am so excited about this opportunity to marry my passion for travel with the opportunity to learn from this network of travel professionals as I embark on a career as a travel advisor.”

And he added: “I have always believed that travel can change lives and this opportunity is one that is changing my own in the best possible way.  I can’t wait to get started and to leverage all the tools, resources and mentorship that I am receiving to help others fulfill their own travel dreams.”

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