Linking Portugal and Israel

What do Portugal and Israel have in common? While at the outset they may seem like very different destinations, the two countries are joining efforts to promote their tourism offers within the North American market.

“It’s two countries that complement each other. One of the key products that we want to start discussing is the Jewish heritage, Jewish legacy in Portugal so we’ve been trying to develop that,” William Delgado, country manager, Canada of the Portuguese National Tourist Office, told PressToday at a Toronto gathering yesterday (Oct. 28). “Israel, they want to promote themselves as a place for religious tourism but also as a place for sun, sand, gastronomy and experiential experiences so we’re using each others’ strengths to cross-promote and we’re not direct competitors.”

With El Al and TAP linking Lisbon to Tel Aviv, Gal Hana, the new director for the Israel Ministry of Tourism in Canada believes Canadians can easily combine both countries into one trip. Not only are Israel and Portugal each teeming with culture, heritage and religious sites, but together they offer travellers a one-of-a-kind vacation opportunity. Along with culture and history, he noted both destinations have amazing beaches, nightlife and thriving culinary scenes.

“Keep Portugal and keep Israel in mind. They’re countries that are sometimes seen for one particular product but there’s so much else that’s not out there,” said Delgado. “Think of Israel for a lot of fun, sun and sand, as well.”

Pictured at the event (l-r) are: Jerry Adler, Israel Ministry of Tourism; William Delgado, Visit Portugal; Fernanda Ottavio, TAP; Dinah Kutner, El Al; Michael Degrace, Air Canada; Gal Hana and Ellen Melman, Israel Ministry of Tourism.