A Little Insight On Egypt

Operator Returns to Egypt in January 2015


Insight Vacations is returning to Egypt in January 2015, offering four itineraries to travellers and to help rebuild tourism in the destination.

Cris David, president, Insight Vacations Canada, said: “We have a long-standing history with Egypt spanning more than three decades, so we are excited to announce to our agents that we are able to continue our tradition of taking Canadian clients to experience this historically-rich destination.”

David pointed out that: “We will continue to maintain extensive consultation and constant dialogue with our teams on the ground since our travellers’ well-being is our number one priority. As always, clients will enjoy the same quality of experiences and accommodations  that they have come to expect from Insight Vacations.”

The first departure on Wonders of Egypt is set for Jan. 8, 2015 and Insight’s global CEO, John Boulding will be joining clients to celebrate Insight’s re-entry into Egypt.

The nine-day exploration of Egypt’s unique culture and history includes a visit to the ancient Giza Pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx crouching at the foot of Chephrenis Causeway. In Cairo clients will enjoy a trip to the ancient worlds of Giza, Memphis and Sakkara where they will explore pyramids dating back to 2,686 BC with an Egyptologist. A five-day cruise down the legendary Nile River will reveal more than 5,000 years of history from the unearthed Luxor Temple to the world-famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Other trips to Egypt with Insight Vacations include:

  • Splendours of Egypt, a 12-day venture from Cairo to Giza, Karnak, West Bank, Philae Island and Aswan, including an eight-day Nile cruise.
  • Jewels of the Nile, Lake Nasser & Abu Simbel, an 11-day trip featuring Cairo, a four-day Lake Nasser Cruise and a four-day Nile Cruise.
  • Egypt & Jordan is a 12-day combination of Insight’s Wonders of Egypt and Jordan Experience escorted journeys.

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