Voices of Travel Talks With Liz Miller

What’s changing the way people travel today?

The answer to that question may alter the way travel agencies, tour operators and other travel suppliers market their product.
Many of the answers are found in a recent research report released by the Chief Marketing Officer Council (CMO Council). The study drilled down into what is leading travel clients to make their decisions, and how their priorities have evolved over the past few years.
What motivates them today? Is it deals and discounts, loyalty programs, recommendations from families or the newspaper stories they read?
They all have an influence, but the balance, the degree to which each is more important than the other, may surprise you.
What this study also did was to define many of the travel clients’ strongest motivations, and demotivation issues, that influence travellers, and then put them into easy to understandable categories.

Ron Pradinuk’s guest on Voices of Travel in this week’s issue of Canadian Travel Press is Liz Miller, the senior vice-president for CMO Council and what she has to say, may change what you do tomorrow.