London and Rome: Hot, Hot, Hot


Have clients wondering where to go in Europe? If so, and they’re looking for the most popular destinations, consider London or Rome.

The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) reports London and Rome as the two most popular summer destinations booked by ASTA travel agents internationally for travel this summer, according to the organization’s 11th annual Hot Spots for Summer survey. London received a 9% share of votes followed by Rome with an 8% share.

More than 150 cities made the hot list, with the top 10 cities accounting for 37% of the responses. Beyond the typical tourist cities, agents say they are also planning many trips to many unique destinations like Yerevan, Armenia and Johannesburg, South Africa for this summer with both cited by agents as hot locations.

“Although the top destinations have remained relatively unchanged for many years, it’s interesting to see so many fresh destinations included in the votes,” said ASTA president Zane Kerby.

In addition to London and Rome, Paris (8%), Cancun (5%), Punta Cana (3%), Barcelona (1%), Riviera Maya (1%), Amsterdam (1%), Madrid (1%) and Montego Bay (1%) round out the top 10 international cities. Amsterdam and Madrid are new to the top 10 pushing out Venice and Athens.

For countries/regions, Italy remains at the top with an 18% share of the votes. Mexico (11%) moves up to second place after two years in third and fourth place. The other countries/regions in the top five include France (11%), United Kingdom (11%) and the Caribbean (8%). The same five countries/regions have remained in the top five for over eight years and represent 61% of the votes.