Looking Back, Moving Forward

In this week’s issue of Canadian Travel Press, we’re proud to present our annual industry forecast which takes a look at what’s gone on in 2017 and what’s to come in 2018.

Now before you point out that there’s not much of a challenge to offering a forecast of the year just passed – although that approach would make everyone look brilliant – we anticipated that astute observation by asking contributors to reveal what they saw as the Big Surprise during the past 12 months.

As for the year ahead, well we asked the question that everyone in the industry is constantly asking: What’s The Next Big Thing?

Admit it, that’s what everyone in this industry is searching for, isn’t it. Something that will give your business the kind of advantage that will not only let you outstrip your competitors by miles (sorry, kilometres), but also keep you ahead of them for years.

We’ve broken up those responses into two sections – the first is all about the Big Surprises of 2017; while the second offers observations on what’s going to be the Next Big Thing for the travel industry.

Along the way, we’ve included:

  • An exclusive and wide-ranging feature that gauges industry opinion from coast to coast.
  • A special, and also exclusive, Voices of Travel Forecasting podcast.
  • An in-depth feature on Travel for a Purpose with Craig Keilburger and Brett Tollman.
  • An exclusive look at the impact of dynamic pricing by The Hotel Insider.
  • An inside look at IATA’s new generation settlement system (NewGen ISS).
  • Plus a glimpse at what’s ahead for both business travel and the cruise industry.

It has definitely been a wild and wacky 2017, but now the question is: What’s in store for the industry in 2018?

To find out, check out this week’s digital edition of Canadian Travel Press.