Looking On The Bright Side

After a tumultuous start to the New Year, Travel Courier chats with the Association of Canadian Independent Travel Advisors (ACITA), TravelBrands and G Adventures about how they’re navigating past the challenges to take advantage of the opportunities that this year brings.

Although government restrictions are the biggest hurdle to overcome in the short term, Nathalie Tanious, COO of TravelBrands, firmly believes there are still opportunities to take advantage of during this challenging time.

“While people are discouraged from travelling abroad, we need to shift their mindset and promote other types of travel,” Tanious tells Travel Courier. “Canadian road trips, vacations within Canada. We also need to build consumer confidence in booking future travel. Teaching the traveller about new perks such as free cancellation, changing your vacation plans or savings is something our team is continuously working on.”

With the rollout of the vaccine underway and a better understanding of COVID-19 overall, Tanious is hopeful for the recovery of the travel industry in Canada and beyond.

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