Los Cabos sets itself apart at 2024 Tianguis show in Acapulco

The Los Cabos Tourism Board (Fiturca), along with 25 of its destination business partners, conducted more than 900 meetings with tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, and even other tourist destinations in Mexico and globally, during the 2024 Tianguis Tourism Fair that was held in Acapulco last week.

Along with finalizing business agreements for the benefit of the Los Cabos community and the tourism sector of Baja California Sur, the objective is to showcase the initiatives that the destination has undertaken to set itself apart from other beaches or vacation resorts in Mexico, particularly in terms of sustainability, connectivity, and innovation, explained Los Cabos Tourism Board Managing Director, Rodrigo Esponda.

Espondo said that the destination’s goal is not to increase the influx of tourists but to attract travellers who can contribute more economically to service providers and local communities. Quality over quantity is the premise of Los Cabos’Tourism Board strategy.

Said Esponda: “Our strategy is focused on positioning Los Cabos for the quality of the product and the economic contribution that visitors generate, rather than solely on increasing the number of tourists. In other words, our aim is to enhance the quality of the experience and the economic impact.”

Sustainability was a key part of the destination’s message at the show, with Exponda pointing to Cabo Pulmo, “where regeneration has occurred through tourism,” and the Sierra de las Cacachilas, where they collaborate with the El Triunfo community to regenerate the ecosystem.

“It would be challenging to find in the world two such excellent examples where tourism plays a role in regeneration based on a sustainability approach,” he said.

The emphasis on sustainability is accompanied by shifts in the profile of travellers. For example, millennial tourists, “a significant force in terms of size and influence within the industry globally,” are much more cognizant of the importance of sustainability and align their values accordingly, thus the destination must resonate with this demographic.

Said Esponda: “If they oppose the use of plastic water bottles, what they seek is a destination that reflects their values regarding the community, the environment, and gastronomy. This information is shared with authorities and service providers so they can evaluate how to adapt their products or services in line with these trends.”

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Photo courtesy of the Los Cabos Tourism Board