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Loyalty meets experiences with Brilliant by Langham

Langham Hospitality Group (LHG) has launched Brilliant by Langham — a loyalty and experiences platform designed to meet the dynamic and evolving needs of its guests.

Brilliant is purpose-built to deliver more rewarding, personalized journeys across 30 participating hotels under LHG’s brands – The Langham Hotels & Resorts, Cordis Hotels & Resorts, Eaton and Ying’nFlo. Toronto’s Chelsea Hotel is also participating.

Signing up for Brilliant is free and all members receive special room rates and discounts at over 100 restaurants. Members also earn status and award points for their stays and use of amenities. The former determines members’ tier levels while the latter can be redeemed for an expansive range of accommodation, dining and soon wellness rewards.

Beyond traditional perks, Brilliant additionally allows for the introduction of personalized experiential offerings, from whimsical excursions and cultural immersions to unforgettable wellness and culinary delights.

Examples of such offerings include:

  • Private cooking lessons and dinners with celebrity chefs
  • Behind-the-scenes dance and musical performance encounters
  • Nature walks with guided mindfulness sessions
  • Off-the-beaten-path tours hosted by local guides
  • Traditional crafting workshops with seasoned artisans
  • Themed tea parties in picturesque locations

Of note, though, is that actual offerings will be based on preferences expressed by Brilliant members.

LHG chief executive officer, Bob van den Oord said: “Brilliant by Langham empowers us to meet the growing demand for more rewarding, personalized and captivating hospitality encounters. By creating a system that enables us to offer guests immediate benefits, learn more about their preferences, compensate them for repeat business and craft bespoke experiential offerings for them, we have significantly enhanced our ability to build great memories.”

Brilliant is now live and will serve as LHG’s sole loyalty program, replacing the group’s existing loyalty programs, Langham Supper Club and 1865 Privilege by Langham, both of which ceased operating on Feb. 28, 2024. Members from the closing programs will have their past loyalty rewarded with an invitation to join Brilliant at higher starting membership tiers.

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Seen here, from l to r, are Josef Ebner, Regional Vice-President – Canada & Managing Director, Tracy Ford, Director of Public Relations, Rob Housez, General Manager and Tess Clarke, Director of Rooms.