Loyalty Pays More With Intair


Intair, TravelBrands’s air consolidation division, has rolled out a new incentive based on growth – agents will earn extra Loyalty points as long as they reach a monthly growth target.

“Our travel agent partners have been and continue to be, our most staunch advocates in the marketplace, it’s now our turn to give back and reward them for their business,” commented Nino Montagnese, vice-president of sales. “This offer is all about the travel agent.

Whether they book an additional one, two or three tickets compared to same month last year, our partners will earn up to 20 000 Loyalty Points. That’s a $200 value. There are targets easily reachable for everyone.”

Growth is tracked automatically and the bonus will be paid every time a target is achieved within the actual month.

Growth is based on increased tickets sold over the previous year’s production. Bonus amounts will vary depending on growth target reached. Targets and bonus amounts may vary on a monthly basis. Details are available at http://www.travelbrandsagent.com.