Lufthansa has expanded its mobile services with a smartphone app for users of Windows Phone 8. A special feature of the app on this operating system is the live-tile function with which the most important information on flight status – continually updated – is pinned on the start screen without the need to open the app. As with other mobile operating systems, the Lufthansa app provides easy access to the entire Lufthansa timetable from anywhere. Once a suitable connection is found, it can immediately be booked on the move. Passengers can also check-in whenever they want and file their electronic boarding pass in their smartphone. When travelling abroad, this saves on roaming fees that would otherwise incur by downloading the boarding pass. The free app is available for download at . With Windows Phone 8, Lufthansa has now come up with a specially adapted app for all of the most widely used mobile smartphone operating systems. Whether with Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry and also Windows Phone 8, more than 98% of all smartphone users, worldwide, can utilize the Lufthansa app and benefit from its extensive functions. (