Lufthansa Simplifies Online Booking


Lufthansa is making it easier to book tickets as well as offering a range of other services on its web site, .

The individual booking steps have been fundamentally changed with the layout being redesigned and the menu prompts simplified. Agents and customers can add flights and other optional flight-related services to their virtual shopping cart. This includes seat reservations, travel insurance packages and Deutsche Bahn rail and fly tickets for international flights.

The shopping basket provides online customers with an overview of all the selected services, as well as the total price calculated for these. Details such as destination or date can now also be changed during the individual booking steps – the available flight connections and the shopping cart will automatically be updated accordingly. Up until now, customers had to repeat the booking steps if they made any changes.

New icons on the booking interface help customers find their way around when selecting the optimal fare. Using brief descriptions, these icons provide customers with a quick overview of the details of the fares available, whether the ticket can be rebooked, refunded or upgraded, as well as information about air miles and free luggage. This will make it possible to compare price and services at a glance. Flight times and the number of stopovers are also displayed more clearly in the new booking interface.

And, for the first time, customers are also able to reserve seats online for a charge. Customers can reserve their preferred seat from a newly designed seating chart when booking. Seats with more leg-room are specially marked on the chart.