Luxury In Demand

It looks like there’s a growing number of people wanting to see the world in style, reports Ian Stalker in the latest issue of Travel Courier.

A quick survey of travel agents suggests more of their clients are looking for high-end holidays, holidays that will likely pay increased commissions.

However, some of those people are less enthusiastic about paying for those types of trips than they actually are about going on them.

“Our agents and clients require more upscale vacations and travelling in small group of people,” reports Sally Mikhail of Toronto-area GMTours.

Mikhail is seeing different types of vacations — such as family reunions, ladies get-aways and milestone celebrations — increasingly turn into “longer luxury vacations.”

But Mikhail says those clients should be prepared to spend when requesting an upscale vacation, adding a “very important fact is that all rates are very high — hotels, transfers, tour guides and entrance fees.”

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