Making An IMPACT

The growing awareness and acceptance of climate change as undeniable fact continues to push the agenda of problem solvers across all sectors, but especially in the tourism industry.

In oft-repeated phrasing, tourism is on the front line of climate change, both in terms of causes and effects. The ongoing, increasing damage caused by climate change, and the contrasting work to find and develop inventive solutions, were once again the imperatives driving the IMPACT Sustainability Travel and Tourism Conference recently.

This was the sixth edition of the conference, which was again held in Victoria. Lead speaker Robert Sanford, senior policy advisor on climate change for Simon Fraser University, set the tone with insightful observations about both perspectives. For instance, even the most mundane activity, such as using a car, is fraught with potential consequences, he said.

“Even driving can be seen as betraying the future,” said Sanford. “It’s hard to justify driving, let alone flying.”

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