Making Changes For The Better

Flight Centre Canada Continues To Develop Its Unique Offerings

Ask Gavin Miller whether a world that is digitally transforming itself is going to change Flight Centre’s strategy and he’ll tell you: “The retail strategy is evolving and it changes, but in essence it’s a very similar one that we’ve had for years which is that we really value and we believe strongly in the human, person-to-person expertise in that relationship. Our stores will continue to be revamped and evolved and that has been happening. We are not exiting our brick & mortar strategy. We will continue to invest heavily in having beautiful stores.”

However, he also told CTP that: “Where it changes is that we continue to move our business to, as I said earlier, Humans for the Best, Machines for the Rest. So as flights, package holidays, certain products move to a more commodity, price-driven environment, what we have to do is continue to develop a unique product offering.”

He pointed out that: We’ve done [this] through the launch of our Better Beach product, which gives a unique experience that’s more curated by us; but also a place where people and customers can spend their money in a way that makes a difference beyond just that of their holiday – so through social change and other things.”

Miller summarized: “We’re aligning our product strategy with good social change. We’re investing heavily in our brick & mortar. And we believe strongly in our people and bringing customers to us who value that human relationship. So it’s getting pointier and pointier as every year goes on and it [Flight Centre’s retail strategy] doesn’t change, it just gets a bit tighter and more polished.”

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