Making connections with Nexion Travel Group-Canada

Nexion Travel Group-Canada wrapped up 2023 with a virtual ‘Canada Days’ event designed to help its members to end their year with more connection with suppliers and other members, and gain new skills they can immediately use in their business.

More than 100 advisors – along with 20 suppliers and Nexion staff – participated in the event.

Mike Foster, president of Nexion Travel Group-Canada, explained that: “Having symposiums specifically related to selling travel in Canada is important to our members. And doing it virtually means we can reach our entire membership which stretches across the country.

Foster continued: “As we head toward the end of the year, it’s a great time for members to connect with our partners and brush up on their hard and soft skills. We still have our popular in-person Regional meetings of course, but the virtual space allows us to reach more members than ever before.”

At Canada Days, members listened to a variety of land, sea, air and insurance suppliers provide updates on their latest offerings. Attendees were also able to attend sessions on topics such as:

  • Advertising Compliance
  • Following the Money Cycle
  • How to Brand Your Niche
  • How to Use AI to Help Run Your Business
  • How to Resolve Problems

Foster added: “Thank you to the many members who devoted time to Canada Days, and the suppliers who supported us. We’ve heard great feedback and look forward to continued trainings, both virtual and in-person.”

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