Making Dreams Happen


In an event jointly developed with the ad firm Bleublancrouge, KLM gave passersby on the street a chance to live a childhood dream – flying a jumbo airplane.

The onlookers got to play airline pilot by pushing a throttle connected to a huge board displaying a KLM aircraft. The object was to leave a white contrail streaking across the sky.

The 30 people from among the participants who performed the maneuver successfully were invited to try their hand a second time at producing a contrail. For one “pilot” who managed a successful “takeoff” again, the reward would be two KLM flight tickets to the European destination of their choice.

“Who hasn’t pictured themselves flying a plane? The concept was our way of instantly bringing out the child in everyone,” said Jonathan Rouxel, creative director at Bleublancrouge.

“We were fascinated by the idea, from its originality and the experience it would deliver to participants, to the sheer size and scope of staging it in an urban setting,” commented Jean-Noël Rault, vice-president and general manager of Air France KLM Canada.

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