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Destination Canada’s David Robinson Talks About The Future

In this week’s issue of Canadian Travel Press, Destination Canada’s David Robinson talks about how this country’s tourism marketing organization is working with its partners to sell Canada to Canadians.

Robinson points out that Destination Canada’s mandate involves supporting the visitor economy by producing regular data, market intelligence and industry analysis to help businesses market to international travellers, so we can grow Canada’s tourism sector.

However, Destination Canada’s boss makes it clear that it will take a collective effort across the industry to help generate recovery momentum. We are collaborating with our industry partners to support a timely recovery and strengthen our ability to build demand for the fall, winter and beyond.

As Robinson sees it: “One of the realities we are all facing is that there is no set timeline – and the return to “travel in Canada” will look different across the country. It is important to also know that recovery efforts are about not only reaching local tourists, but also making sure communities are ready to welcome them back (and feel safe in doing so).”

For the full story, check out this week’s issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.


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