Manulife Extends Travel Policies

Manulife has issued a statement regarding clients who may be delayed in making arrangements to return home beyond their current policy end date and how it is assisting them.

In a statement officials said, “With the challenge of getting back in a timely manner comes the concern of the potential impact to your Manulife individual travel insurance coverage purchased prior to your departure. As such please note the following: As you arrange to come back to Canada, if you will be delayed beyond your current policy end date, Manulife will allow all Individual travel policies to be extended as follows:

Extensions will be permitted up to and including April 30. Please contact your travel insurance distributor by e-mail or phone to do so or contact us by e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected]. It is important to include your name and policy number in the e-mail. We will continue to revisit this date as the global situation continues to unfold.

If your original policy end date is beyond April 30, your coverage remains in place for its full duration as per the policy terms and conditions. Wherever you may be, we strongly encourage you to support and adhere to the advice of the medical professionals and experts around the world during this time.