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Manulife Is Making It Simpler

Manulife has rolled out its new Manulife Premium Protection Plan, which it describes as travel insurance coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical, baggage loss and delay and accident insurance.

And said that with the new plan, Canadians can confidently purchase knowing that they can be covered for an unexpected event that impacts their travel plans.

Robert Iafrate, assistant vice-president, Travel Insurance, Manulife, commented: “We have reduced the policy to 14 pages from over 40 and eliminated 37 exclusions while providing more coverage.”

Iafrate continued: “Our goal was to create a simple product that was easy for Canadians to understand their coverage.”

The company simplified the Manulife Premium Protection Plan by:

  • Reducing the policy to 14 total pages. Typical travel insurance policies of this type are normally in excess of 40 pages.
  • Eliminating 37 exclusions and/or limitations from traditional travel insurance policies.
  • Removing pre-existing condition clauses and stability periods often associated with travel insurance.
  • Reducing 24 definitions traditionally needed to define and interpret coverage.
  • Simplifying the pricing by eliminating complex rate tables.

The Manulife Premium Protection Plan is available to Canadian travellers who have valid government health insurance coverage, are 69 years of age or younger, insuring a trip value of up to $30,000 and who are travelling for no more than 23 days.

The coverage must be purchased from the travel agent within 72 hours of booking the trip.

The Manulife Premium Protection Plan is available for sale through most travel agents across Canada.

It is underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company with portions underwritten by Manulife’s wholly owned subsidiary, First North American Insurance Company.

Go to http://www.manulife.com for more.


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