Meet Mondee Canada – Taking Agents To New Heights

It was quite the evening as Mondee welcomed over 300 travel advisors at the Woodbine Banquet & Convention Centre in Toronto last night (May 3) for the first of five Canadian Showcase events.

It was also fitting that the Toronto Showcase – which gave advisors the opportunity to meet with more than 20 of Mondee’s airline partners – took place on Travel Agent Day as Mondee launched its new branding in Canada.

Yuvraj Datta, Chief Commercial Officer for Mondee, explained that Skylink Canada and CTS Canada – brands that Canadian agents know well – are being amalgamated under the Mondee brand and by doing that agents will have “all the best things in one basket making it seamless for them.”

Said Datta: “Today is the day we’re amalgamating these two brands and starting our journey as Mondee Canada.”

Datta also made it clear that Mondee is no longer simply an air consolidator and is building its business as a North American operation. And in doing that it is adding hotels, car rentals and cruises to its product offerings — and there is more to come going forward.

As for the ‘why’ of all this, Datta told Press Today that Mondee’s focus is agent-driven, observing that “it’s not just about the best content for today, it’s also about the best content for the future.”

In fact, it’s that commitment that led Mondee to launch Mondee Canada on Travel Agent Day — in fact, agents were welcomed to the presentation with a message from Mondee that made it clear that: “Our commitment to the travel agency community is long-term and we are dedicated to helping transform their businesses for the better.”

And it added: “Thank you, travel agents, for all that you do to make travel dreams a reality.”

Noting that Mondee is a tech-driven company, Datta told his audience that the company wants to ‘take agents to new heights’ and it will do that by providing the platform and infrastructure to help them reach those heights.

Datta explained that Mondee is launching a new end-to-end platform that will put all of its product, programs, services and many new options in one place that agents will be able to access through the portal.

To sum it up, Datta told his Toronto audience that the point of all this is that Mondee “wants to build a better future for all of us.”

Upcoming Mondee Canada Showcases are set for tonight (May 4) in Ottawa; May 9 in Edmonton; May 10 in Calgary; and May 11 in Vancouver.

Watch for more on Mondee Canada in an upcoming issue of Canadian Travel Press.

In the photo 

Datta and the Mondee team at its Toronto Showcase on May 3.