Meet The Happy Couple

Having earned a reputation as “Jeweler to the Stars,” it’s safe to say Neil Lane has been part of a lot of weddings.

Known around the world as the engagement ring designer who comes equipped with dazzling creations ahead of the dramatic final rose ceremonies on The Bachelor, Lane has also created pieces for the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Blunt, Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez.

“I’ve been to a gazillion weddings,” Lane tells Travel Courier. “You get involved with the clients, the couples and it gets very personal. That’s how I got into the situation with wedding planning because when I help people with their rings, I also talk about their wedding. They bring me their colour situation and I bring about the idea of using the details in the ring for a fabric in the tablecloths. I’ve been doing this for a while.”

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