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MERGER MOVE: WD World Travel adds Steele’s

WD World Travel Ltd reports that it has integrated Steele’s Travel World into its Vancouver head office providing Steele’s Travel World clients with access to some of the best travel technology tools and quality control systems available in retail travel. The merging of Steele’s highly experienced, veteran travel consultants and back office support staff into the operations of WD World Travel was announced by WD World Travel CEO, Robert (Rob) Durant, and Steele’s Travel owner, Catherine Dagenais. Steele’s Travel World is being relocated from North Vancouver to the Yaletown offices of WD World Travel. The move will join two veterans in the BC Travel industry, both offering travel services to the corporate and leisure travel market. Steele’s was established in 1976 to serve the North Shore while WD World Travel was founded in 1992 by Rob Durant and current COO Greg Wittig and has become one of British Columbia’s largest, independent travel agencies. Dagenais said: “This is wonderful news for our many clients because they will have expanded access to premier travel services and products. I followed my mother into my career in travel and, as a second generation travel professional, I know how much WD World Travel will bring to our clients, from its associations with travel agencies throughout the world to provision of emergency aid to travellers to advanced tools for booking and tracking travel.” WD World Travel CEO Durant observed: “Steele’s Travel World and its staff members have an excellent reputation.” And Durant added that WD World Travel launched its Host Agency Division about a year ago and the addition of Steele’s staff and clients to the fast-growing WD World Travel network is a huge win for this new part of the business. “Catherine’s choice of WD World Travel as a strategic partner confirms the fact we were right to act as a host to independent travel consultants and agencies across Canada. We will add strength and flexibility to Steele’s Travel while Steele’s expands our book of business and the ranks of our consultants who deliver such exemplary service.” The agreement between the two travel agencies sees travel consultants Catherine Dagenais, Carla Nordin, Kristine Thomas, Sharon Smyth, Ruth Lochhead and Diane Meacher create a working relationship with WD World Travel. Go to for more.

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