Merit Travel Group Partners With WaterAid Canada


Merit Travel has established a formal corporate social responsibility program, calling on its employees and clients to be mindful of the broader world around them, and partnering with WaterAid Canada.

According to officials, Merit is committed to providing exceptional experiences, not only today, but for future generations as well. This means working to minimize the environmental impact of the travel and tourism industry, supporting local communities around the world, and working with responsible tour operators.

“Our actions, no matter how small, profoundly impact the people in every country we travel to. We believe in taking responsibility for these actions,” said Louise de Grandpré, chief operating officer, Merit Travel Group.

The partnership with WaterAid Canada is a perfect fit because Merit Travel believes everyone, everywhere should have access to the basic life essentials of safe water and sanitation. Access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene transforms the most vital aspects of people’s everyday lives and the wider economy.

“No one can live a healthy, productive life without safe water, a clean toilet or good hygiene. Yet right now, billions of people across the world lack one or more of these crucial necessities,” added de Grandpré.

WaterAid Canada was selected as Merit’s corporate social responsibility partner because it is a committed organization with proven results in the area of providing clean water and sanitation solutions to the poorest, most marginalized people around the world. They work in partnership with local organizations to help set up practical and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene projects that meet the real needs of the community.

With a focused campaign period of October through December, Merit’s support and fundraising efforts will directly support WaterAid Canada’s Clean Water for Schools Project in Ethiopia.
Merit Travel Group operates many specialty travel brands including Merit Travel, Travelcuts, MeritBiz, and Exclusive Tours.