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Merrithew heads ASTA’s Canadian chapter

ASTA reports that the following ASTA members have been certified by John I. Lovell, ASTA national vice-president and secretary, as elected to serve in the respective offices indicated, including Merit Travel Group’s Mike Merrithew as president of ASTA’s Canadian chapter. Elected national directors-at-large who will serve for a two-year term, in alphabetical order, are: Roger Block, Travel Leaders Franchise Group; Jason Coleman, Jason Coleman, Inc.; Jackie Friedman, Nexion; John Lovell, Vacation.com. National Directors serving the second year of their two-year terms are: Lois Howes, Superior Travel; John I. Lovell, Breton Village Travel Services, Inc.; Nina Meyer, Express Travel; Scott Pinheiro, Santa Cruz Travel; Karl E. Rosen, Town Centre Travel and Cruises. ASTA’s governance structure calls for a Board of Directors that consists of nine national directors elected at-large for two-year, staggered terms, three chapter presidents, the chair of the International Chapter Presidents’ Council (ICPC), two Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) members and one NACTA director. NACTA elected Dan Smith to serve as a NACTA member-director. The Chapter Presidents Council elected at its recent meeting the following chapter presidents to sit on the Board: Leo Zabinski (Carolinas Chapter and CPC Chair); Ryan McGredy (Young Professionals Society Chapter) and Marilyn Zelaya (Northern California Chapter). The 2012/2013 Board, which will come together for the first time in September at ASTA’s Travel Retailing and Destination Expo, will be composed of Directors at Large — Roger Block, Jason Coleman, Jackie Friedman, Lois Howes, John Lovell, John I. Lovell, Nina Meyer, Scott Pinheiro, Karl Rosen; Lee Thomas, member director (CAC chair); Marc Casto, member director (CAC vice-chair); Dan Smith, NACTA-member director; Leo Zabinski (Carolinas Chapter), Chapter Presidents Council Chair; Ryan McGredy (Young Professionals Society Chapter), CPC representative; Marilyn Zelaya (Northern California Chapter), CPC representative; and ICPC chair (To be elected at next ICPC meeting).

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