Miami Offers Visitors More Than One Experience

Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau temporarily enabled some Toronto women to become bag ladies.

And as well enabled some men in the Ontario capital to also use tote bags to demonstrate their creativity, and in doing so, innovatively underscored the artistic side of Miami, said bureau spokeswoman Suzie Sponder.

Sponder recently led a Miami delegation to Toronto that included Pedro Amos of Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide, who invited those attending the evening to use spray paint to aesthetically decorate provided bags, the sort of imagination that is routinely on display in the Florida city, according to Sponder, who cited the use of bureau marketing slogan Find Your Miami as another example of clever promotion.

“It’s based on the idea that Miami is really not one experience but an amalgamation of many,” she said of the slogan. “It’s a creative blend of words.”

Sponder said her city has clearly made an impact in the arts world, with its Wynwood district, for instance, being home to what is possibly the largest collection of murals in the world. “People really do associate Miami with artistic neighborhoods.”

Also underscoring its artistic flair is Art Basel Miami Beach, with that December event billed as the world’s largest contemporary art festival. The festival attracts participants from 5 continents and dates back to 2002.

Sponder said Art Basel Miami Beach has had a profound impact on the local arts scene in a city that is home to world-class museums and performing arts venues.

Sponder said seaside Miami will also appeal to outdoors enthusiasts, being the only American city that’s home to two national parks, great news for those who enjoy the likes of sailing and kayaking.

She added that Miami has very noticeable Latin American and Caribbean influences visitors can appreciate. The Toronto event featured two dancers sporting costumes like those worn during Caribbean festivals.

Greater Miami’s ocean-fronting Miami Beach in turn using the promotional slogan Find Your Wave, and Sponder praised that destination as a “unique” part of the world.

Among other things, Miami Beach has the largest collection of Art Deco structures anywhere and those who enjoy ocean will find what she labelled “magnificent” beaches.

Other sides to Miami Beach earning praise from Sponder were its “dynamic culinary scene” and a “broad array of hotels.”