Milestone Achievements For TRAVELSAVERS In Canada

As TRAVELSAVERS continues to expand in Canada, the company is gaining momentum with every step forward.

With over $250 million in new sales over the past year, new engagement initiatives, and a growing team, TRAVELSAVERS Canada has experienced success under the leadership of Jane Clementino, SVP and General Manager — and it’s just the beginning.

TRAVELSAVERS is a 53-year-old international travel marketing organization and family-owned business that has served travel agencies in Canada for 23 years. As the business expands, the company is holding true to its core values: being people-centric, partnering with suppliers in the industry and acting as a catalyst for growth for its affiliates.

Clementino observed that: “The TRAVELSAVERS model leads with a commitment to service and consultation. In growing our Business Analyst team, we are able to provide the best-in-class experience from a service and technology-driven perspective as demand increases.”

Leveraging 30 years of executive expertise in the travel industry and her supplier background, Clementino is celebrating her one-year anniversary with TRAVELSAVERS.

As the company embarks on the year ahead, Clementino is excited to continue driving TRAVELSAVERS’ mission. With a new educational program and a renewed focus on driving revenue for affiliates in Canada, the organization is poised for impressive growth in 2024 and beyond.

Here’s a look at the notable milestones the company has achieved over the past year:

Organizational Growth

With 80 members added in the last 12 months, the consortium has experienced substantial growth, with TRAVELSAVERS Canada welcoming new agency members that include:

  • Great Canadian Travel Group – Manitoba
  • Tisson Travel Group – Alberta
  • 510 Travel – Ontario

Sustainability Commitment

To combat emissions, TRAVELSAVERS Canada announced a new partnership with award-winning environmental organization Trees4Travel. As the first consortium to partner with the organization, the multi-year commitment is designed to offset the environmental impact of travel to company events.

Engagement Initiatives

TRAVELSAVERS Canada will host a series of intimate events this season to facilitate meaningful one-on-one connections among owners, advisors and preferred partners.

Clementino pointed out that: “For TRAVELSAVERS, this is the year of engagement. We’re considering the health of our affiliates and partners in everything we do and creating new opportunities for organic sales.”

In line with this mission, TRAVELSAVERS Canada will host ‘Dine & Discover’ networking events in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal this autumn. These will serve as an opportunity for affiliates to connect with key preferred partners and exchange insights on the latest product offerings and industry-leading tools and trends.

Additionally, the Affluent Traveller Collection, an invitation-only luxury marketing group exclusively available to TRAVELSAVERS advisors in Canada, recently hosted a Symposium (Oct. 28 to 30) in Miami at the Kimpton EPIC Hotel.

A New Educational Program

Under American Marketing Group’s ownership, TRAVELSAVERS Canada is gearing up for the launch of KORE, its new education program.

KORE is a fully digital college-level platform with a self-paced curriculum designed to attract the next generation of travel advisors and equip them with the training and skills they need to succeed in the industry as it continues to evolve.

Technology Advancements

As demand for digitalization increases, TRAVELSAVERS has started to integrate artificial intelligence into programs. It will be used to create content, manage workflow and save time.

Company applications will incorporate AI into proprietary social media platforms, itinerary builders, new payment methods with crypto, and new direct application programming interfaces.

Additionally, a new IC model will be available through OnlineXpress, a proprietary platform for consumer travel. And with added enhancements to Softvoyage, an online booking engine, TRAVELSAVERS affiliates have access to premium resources.

With various initiatives on the horizon, TRAVELSAVERS is primed for powerful growth and expansion. Leading with impact, engagement and a commitment to service and consultation, the company is continuing to charge ahead in the travel marketing space.

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