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Miracle in the Pacific’ marks 50th year of PCC

“Miracle in the Pacific: The Polynesian Cultural Center”is a new, richly illustrated book that captures the essence of Hawaii’s top visitor attraction, which celebrates its 50th anniversary throughout 2013. The book tells the story of the establishment and development of the PCC’s villages, shows and programs. It also provides insights into the role that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the founding organization behind the Center, and its leaders have played in the Pacific islands since 1843. The book includes a bonus DVD, Rainbows of Paradise, featuring the colorful canoe pageant at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Founded in 1963, the PCC has entertained more than 37 million visitors, while preserving and portraying the culture, arts and crafts of Polynesia to the rest of the world. (

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