Mon dieu! Paris’ clubs are most expensive

Club Sandwiches that is … okay, this may not be a deal breaker for clients booking a trip with you, but consider how impressed they’ll be when you can tell them where to find the city — worldwide! — that has the most expensive (or alternatively, least expensive) club sandwiches. In a day and age when special interest travel is growing, surely there must be some sort of Club Sandwich Club — although so far no research on this market segment has been found in a Google search. Nonetheless, take a few minutes to check out’s newly released Club Sandwich Index (CSI) which measures the affordability of the classic chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayo sandwich in 26 of the world’s most popular destinations.’s CSI reveals that Paris is the most expensive destination in which to purchase a Club Sandwich, followed by Geneva, Oslo, Tokyo and Rome. And take note that Toronto is the 19th most expensive — proving that sometimes it’s a good thing to be ranked low in a poll. As’s Alison Couper sees it: “When planning a trip away, many holidaymakers don’t always factor the everyday costs of items including food and drink into their decision making process. By providing people with a Club Sandwich Index it is the perfect way for holidaymakers to assess a destination’s real cost. Paris may well be the gastronomic capital of the world but at an average of $33.10 per Club, travellers may be better off sticking to a Croque-Monsieur.” And make sure you check out the video — — of chef John Torode making the perfect club sandwich. Anyone ready for lunch?

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