More Choice From Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines is providing more choice for its customers with a new range of fares that provide better visibility on the products and services that the airline offers.

Travellers’ consumption trends show that the needs and priorities of passengers differ depending on the purpose and time of travel.

Adapting the offer to the moment, and not just to the passenger’s consumption profile, allows optimizing the available resources without compromising the comfort of the service customers are generated by different needs or desires.

With that in mind, six different fare families were created and divided into two classes of service — Economy Class and Comfort Class (commonly known as Business Class), the main features are presented below. The fare family of the same lower-level service class is cumulative and allows purchasing extra services.

In Economy Class, there are four possibilities:

Economy Simple — Suitable for those who wish to travel with hand luggage only. (Not available on all connections).

Economy Basic — Suitable for those who wish to carry checked luggage or sports equipment.

Economy Flex — Suitable for those who value the flexibility to change dates and the possibility to choose their seat on board.

Economy Top — Suitable for those who value the possibility of changes or refunds, priority at check-in and baggage, and an extra checked bag.

In the Comfort Class (Business) there are two possibilities:

Comfort Light — Suitable for those who prioritize the comfort of the cabin and the superior service of the Comfort Class, at a more economical price, with some restrictions on flexibility.

Comfort Plus — Suitable for those who want a complete travel experience, with more carry-on and checked baggage and other Comfort Class benefits.

Each fare family has its own unique features and services, which will be available until the last seat in the family is available in the respective cabin. Fare classes are managed dynamically and according to demand. This new circumstance allows for greater dynamism in the offer and the possibility of good opportunities for passengers to arise. It will become more important to be aware of last-minute promotions, as they will allow you to benefit from good opportunities.

It is important to point out that the benefits usually offered by Azores Airlines in the economy fares for Residents and Resident Students remain unchanged. That is, passengers (residents and resident students) will be able to continue to travel on domestic routes with access to the same conditions that existed before the new model, given that the regular fare for residents and students on routes covered by the Public Service will be the same as before the new model. In the case of domestic routes, the lowest fare on the previous model corresponds to the lowest fare offered on the new model.

For passengers who already have tickets purchased in the previous model, nothing changes, and they will be able to keep their trips under the conditions they’ve acquired.

The new fare portfolio is already available in all the airline’s sales channels and in travel agencies.