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More From Choice Touring By Globus

Choice Touring by Globus is giving travellers what they want – more adventure, more inclusions and more options – with the promise to double the fun with twice the included excursions of the typical tour.

Providing 12 Choice Tours across Europe and North America – eight (8) of which are new for 2024 – plus two or three days of included, YourChoice excursion options – the itineraries include:

  • Swiss-Sational!: Switzerland & Como By Design
  • That’s Amore!: Italy By Design
  • Art & Soul: Portugal By Design
  • Fiestas & Siestas: Southern Spain By Design
  • Canada Believe Your Eyes: Western Canada By Design
  • The Sky’s the Limit: Eastern Canada By Design
  • The Rhythm of Reflection: Southern U.S. By Design
  • Golden State of Mind: Northern California By Design

Popular itineraries already available to clients include:

  • Hot Tam!: Scotland By Design
  • Green with Envy: Ireland By Design
  • Oh My Goddess!: Greece By Design
  • Sunny Days, Starry Nights: America’s Rocky Mountains By Design

Ainsley Ericksen, senior director of marketing for the Globus family of brands, said: “With new itineraries featuring an exciting menu of YourChoice excursions – personalized experiences that invite clients to customize their vacations in at least two ways on every YourChoice day – we’re presenting a new, “you” way to tour.”

Ericksen continued: “From nature walks and flamenco stomps to boat cruises and wine flights, the options are endless and included in the package price: An incredible selling point for advisors who can earn an average of $1,000 commission on each Choice Touring by Globus booking.”

For travel advisors, the new tours provide an opportunity to boost their business, offering their clients:

  • Unmatched personalization. Globus is the only tour operator providing such extensive customization within a tour. With Choice Touring, clients can tailor their experiences with optional excursions catering to their interests on two or three days during their week-long vacation.
  • No extra cost: Globus offers twice the included excursions at no extra cost. YourChoice excursion options are included in the tour price, providing more value while inviting clients to explore the world in new, “you” ways without extra expense.
  • Competitive pricing: Clients won’t pay a premium for personalization! Even with an extensive and extraordinary menu of Choice excursion options on every tour, Choice Touring by Globus is priced similarly to traditional tours.
  • Diverse destinations: From Scotland and Spain to the Southern United States, Choice Touring by Globus’ 12 tours – including NEW, refreshed itineraries – provide all the wonder of the world with new, wonderful ways to experience it.

Said Ericksen: “Providing the perfect balance between structure and flexibility, Choice Touring celebrates the best of both worlds. The convenience of guided tours with expert Tour Directors, pre-arranged accommodations and transportation, along with the freedom to explore and personalize the touring experience to passions. With an average of eight included YourChoice excursions on each itinerary, Choice Touring by Globus allows clients to customize 30 percent of their vacation.”

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