More Support And A Plan Needed

The president and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Rocco Rossi, reacted to the province’s announcement of further restrictions.

In a statement, Rossi said: “We recognize that public health and a healthy economy are intrinsically linked, however, sweeping new restrictions – impacting employers, workers, and families – unaccompanied by immediate and commensurate supports is unacceptable nearly two years into the pandemic.”

He continued: “We need a comprehensive plan that ties restrictions to clear, data-based metrics so that employers, workers, and families can plan ahead.”

Rossi pointed out that: “We are all are doing our part. Now, government needs to do their part. What additional steps does the government plan to take to over the next 21 days and beyond?”

And he concluded: “Newly imposed public health measures intended to control the spread of the Omicron variant should always be met with immediate, commensurate and targeted relief, particularly for small businesses, many of whom cannot afford any further reduction in revenue.”