More ways to book Porter Escapes

Porter Escapes vacation packages are now available for travel agents to book through Sirev and Sabre Vacations distribution channels, as well as with a dedicated call centre team. Agents need to register at to book through a GDS or by phone. A commission of 8% is payable for sales by registered agents. Agents cannot make web site bookings, which are ineligible for commission. Robert Deluce, president and CEO of Porter Escapes, commented: “The initial response to Porter Escapes has been tremendous. Additional agency booking channels provide everyone with more options to find the best vacation for travellers.” Travel agencies that are part of a group, chain or consortium can check with their program office to determine if they are a pre-registered Porter Escapes partner. John Kirk, director of vacations and packaged products, said: “Travel agents will be among our best partners. Thousands of agents are already registered and eligible to book their customers convenient getaways to Porter cities. Porter Escapes provides a revenue-generating product line for agencies with access to package pricing that has never been so readily available.” Porter Escapes packages are built around Porter Airlines destinations, combining flights and hotel accommodations with unique experiences not available from other tour companies.